Annunciation Sac COVID Protocols Fall 2021
“Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.” (1 Corinthians 1:10)



Face masks are required when accessing indoor spaces and are encouraged in outdoor areas.



Since March 2020, Annunciation as a parish has complied with ordinances and directives from federal, state, and county entities, in addition to guidance from the Metropolis and Archdiocese. Our goal remains to minimize risk while maintaining our ministries, albeit with modifications. As we enter the fall months, we have activities resuming in person. As for the past year and a half, we will adopt practices so that we safely can do what we want to do: gather in worship and fellowship.




For Attending Church


  • Masks. Everyone who attends Church should always wear a mask while in church whether you are vaccinated or not.


  • Hand sanitization. Sanitizer is at the pangari and at both side entrances to the Nave. Masks will be provided if you don’t have one.




For activities in the Hellenic Center:


  • Masks. Masks should be worn inside the Annunciation Hellenic Center, regardless of vaccination status.


  • Hand sanitization. Hand sanitizer will be available near the sign-in desk, and we encourage hand sanitizing on entering and exiting the building, particularly after being in shared space or common activities. Activities should have hand sanitizer available as well.


  • Hand washing. Encourage hand washing often and have handwashing breaks for activities.


  • Sign-in. For any activity OTHER than coffee hour or Makaria, please sign when entering and exiting the Annunciation Hellenic Center. This is primarily for security purposes. The sign in sheet is in the lobby to the right as you enter, near the volunteer desk windows. Please sign out when you leave, so we know everyone is out of the building prior to setting the alarm. For activities involving children (Sunday School, DSG, Greek School) attendance for child/student will be recorded by teachers/directors and only the teacher/director needs to sign on the sheet. Sign in sheet to be maintained by the Office.



Additional requirements for YOUTH ACTIVITIES


(Sunday School, Greek School, DSG,
Volleyball, other youth gatherings)





Directors/Teacher requirements:



  • Teachers/directors interacting with students in the classroom should have the Youth Training and Background Check, and proof of vaccination or of negative COVID test result. The training, Live Scan, and vaccination proof need to be submitted once. The test results need to be submitted within 48 hours of the in-person activity to the ministry leadership/board, who maintains records of these requirements. Teachers and administrators not interacting directly with students—ie virtually—do not need these requirements.


  • Maintain date logs of all students in attendance that day. Keep all logs of attendance.


  • Have hand sanitizer in classrooms/dance area/volleyball court as needed


  • Case reporting in the event of a student testing positive should first notify the teacher/dance director who then notifies the ministry leadership/board, who then notifies the Parish Covid Officer.


  • If the youth has been exposed at school and has been instructed to stay home from school, please refrain from attending AGOC activities as well until quarantine period has ended.


  • If experiencing any of the known symptoms, please refrain from attending.



To find free Covid testing sites in your area, Click Here.





Parents of students in Sunday School, Greek School, DSG and other activities:



To further mitigate risk for our youth, the following is in effect for parents:



  • Parents of Sunday Schoolers need to wait downstairs during coffee hour for Sunday Schoolers. Only students and teachers should be in the classrooms.


  • Parents of Greek School, DSG, or other youth activities CANNOT gather in the Foyer. They may prefer to wait in their cars or socialize outdoors.