2017 Parish Council Elections

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There are four Parish Council positions open for the 2018 three-year term of office.  Please call or email any member of the Board of Elections Committee if you would like to run for office or if you wish to nominate someone who has agreed to have his/her name submitted. The committee and Fr. James or Fr. Timothy also welcome questions, so please call any one of us.   A photo and short statement of interest will be needed for publication in Sunday Bulletins and on-line.

Final date for nominations along with photos and statements of interest is Wednesday, November 15.  Late applications will not be accepted.    

Final date for a Request for an Absentee Ballot is November 26.  Absentee ballots must be received by the Church Office no later than 4:00 PM on Wednesday, December 6.    


2017 Board of Elections: 

Rula Manikas at rulagreek@gmail.com

Jane Bardis at jbardis05@gmail.com

Glenn (Philip) Matsen at glenn@matsen.com