Stewardship literally means "the job of supervising or taking care of something". When it comes to our church, we believe that we "give" stewardship, but in all actuality, we should "take" stewardship of the Annunciation. We need to watch over it. We need to take care of it. We need to nurture it. The church needs us as much as we need it. Our job as parishioners and as stewards is to "take care" of our church, like it has taken care of us.

Alter Guild



The mission, vision, and purpose of the Altar Guild Ministry is to demonstrate love for our church by helping to beautify the Narthex by decorating icons used during the Divine Liturgy and other festal icons for special feast and holy days.


We have prepared a new Altar Guild Membership Roster which will be distributed to each member, along with handouts regarding the Ministry (decorating instructions and tips, what to bring, etc.)  You will also receive your assigned date (as well as the entire schedule of assignments for the year).  However, before we coordinate the assignments and distribute the assignment list (and other documents), please advise us if you have a special request to decorate the icon on a certain Sunday or Feast Day.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.


Importantly, Sunday, September 8, after Liturgy is the Ministry Kick-off at church.  There will be a demonstration of how to decorate an icon during that time.  (Exact time and location to be announced).  This demonstration is for the benefit of the new members, but is open to all Altar Guild volunteers.  We will have handouts at the demonstration, and we will be available to answer any questions or address any concerns.



Rula may be contacted at
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