Annunciation Senior League

What is the ASL?


The Annunciation Senior League (ASL) is a Ministry of our Orthodox Church.  Its sole purpose and mission is to provide fellowship, social events, and excursions for the members.


ASL is the one Ministry of our church where our senior members can interact with our religious leaders, church administrators, and each other in fellowship and fun.


We welcome all participants and encourage you to join us monthly or whenever your schedules permit.


The membership of the ASL is open to all members/stewards 50 years and over of the Sacramento area Greek Orthodox Churches (Annunciation, Saint Katherine, and Saint Anna) and Honorary Members.


Honorary Members are the Clergy from Annunciation Church of Sacramento, Saint Katherine Church of Elk Grove, and Saint Anna Church of Roseville.


We offer monthly luncheon/meetings at a nominal fee.  The ASL is a non-fundraising group and is sustained by membership donations.


Dates for Luncheon Meetings


The luncheon meetings of the ASL are scheduled for the first Thursday of each month, except for July, August, September, and October, and unless the first Thursday conflicts with a holiday.


Social Hour: 11:00am

Lunch: 11:30am




  • Due to Covid-19, there are no meetings as of now – Please check back for meeting dates

Officers & Committee


Margo Tzikas


Vice President






Past President Advisor


Corresponding Secretary










Hors d’oeuvrs Table


Travel & Excursions


Luncheon Coordinators


Board Members of the 2019-2021 Annunciation  Senior League

Annette Christopulos, Pauline Cazanis, Helen Diavatis, Georgia Econome, Sophia Evrigenis, Steve Giranis, Suanna Gurovich, Mary Ellen Kassotakis, Terry Kastanis, Alexia Kavros, Lefteri Kavros, Mary Kondos, Dena Kuchulis, Tyke Kuchulis, Kathy LaGiusa, Mary Lydon, Julie Mamalis, Bessie Papailias, Helen Paraskevas, Elaine Pavlatos, Bessie Pothos, Mary Silva, Sophia Stathos, Pearl Thomas, Margo Tzikas, Fr. James Retelas, Fr. Timothy Robinson