Stewardship literally means "the job of supervising or taking care of something". When it comes to our church, we believe that we "give" stewardship, but in all actuality, we should "take" stewardship of the Annunciation. We need to watch over it. We need to take care of it. We need to nurture it. The church needs us as much as we need it. Our job as parishioners and as stewards is to "take care" of our church, like it has taken care of us.

Fr. Demetrius Dogias Parish Library


The Parish Council has honored Father Demetrius T. Dogias by naming the library in his name.


In keeping with new technologies and modern information systems, the Annunciation now has an online catalog of the materials available in the library.


The library has recently been reorganized and automated for the express purpose: to collect, retrieve, organize, and provide for the orderly storage and use of the parish archives, records, and library resources.

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