Epistle Readers

Let us be attentive! A psalm of David! The reading is from…


The holy order of the Reader upholds the spiritual responsibility for the care of the spoken words or Holy Scripture. In societies where most people are unable to read the Scriptures, the office of the Reader provides the most regular exposure to the Word of God outside the Gospel and Epistle readings. In societies where literacy has flooded the human heart and mind with disharmony, noise, and confusion, the sacred responsibilities of the Reader are even more critical, since by the prayerful and holy exercise of his ministerial responsibilities, the Reader offers the Holy Scriptures as a correcting balm, and a healing of the spiritual hearts of the faithful.

Order of the Reading


Stand so your mouth is about 12” away from the microphone.  Listen to hear if the microphone is picking up your voice.   Read in a moderately loud voice.


Read slowly….. clearly enunciating the end of words.  Pay attention to commas and periods.


Agios O Theos hymn  by choir.


Priest says “Dynamis”. Choir sings one more Agios O Theos.


If the Metropolitan is present, extra hymns and/or responses are sung, and the Epistle will be read in Greek as well as English.


Priest:  Let us attend.   (or “Proskhomen)


Reader: (read the Psalm verse)


Priest:  Wisdom  (or “Sophia”)


Reader:     The reading is from St. Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews.


Priest:  Let us be attentive!   (or “Proskhomen”)


Reader:    Brethren…


Walk to the priest to kiss his hand and receive a blessing…..or to the Metropolitan, walk with the Greek reader to kiss the cross and receive a blessing.